Six Signs That Tell You It’s Time to Update Your IT Solutions

Information technology is in a constant state of evolution, offering better ways to perform all of your core business tasks. If you don’t keep up with technology, then your business could soon be left behind the competition.

From systems that result in low productivity, to the risk of data loss and business continuity, these are the six key warning signs that tell you it’s time to update your IT systems and infrastructure.

1: You Aren’t Managing Customer Relationships Properly

A functional and efficient CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is necessary for modern businesses that have large customer databases. If you are failing to manage leads, if customer data is hard to locate, or if you aren’t consolidating your sales data in one place, then it is probably time to update an existing CRM or implement a new one. Modern CRMs can provide cloud redundancy, access from any site, and they will help you to meet your business goals.

2: You’re Spending More Than Usual on IT Maintenance and Support

Older or improperly implemented IT solutions will inevitably fail. Regular hardware, network, or software failures cost money and reduce productivity. If you’ve noticed an increase in IT maintenance spending in the past six months, then it’s likely time that you need a full systems audit, analysis, and solutions consultation.

3: Your System Doesn’t Support Off-Site Work or Multiple Office Environments

Businesses today are more flexible than ever before. The confines of the physical office are no longer relevant for most businesses, and many functions ranging from lead generation to sales are performed on the road. If your current system doesn’t support a mobile workforce, or work from multiple sites, then it’s time to look into a better solution. With more flexible IT systems you can ensure productivity and revenue generation from anywhere that your teams are working.

4: Staff Are Complaining About the Systems That They Are Using

For an employee, there’s nothing worse than not being able to perform their role. If your teams are constantly struggling with slow hardware, outdated software, or systems that aren’t suited to their day to day tasks, then you’re going to run into morale problems and a drop in productivity. Give your organization the necessary tools to support your clients and grow your business. A Managed IT service can ensure that the right systems are deployed, maintained, and upgraded as your business needs evolve.

5: You Don’t Have Backups or a Business Continuity Plan

When was the last time that you tested your company data backups? Are you even regularly backing up your critical data? Catastrophic data loss through failure, user error, or disaster, can be crippling for even a small and agile business. If you’re still backing things up on local storage then your business is at risk.

IT consulting can introduce you to modern cloud based backup systems and data retention policies that will protect your data assets and ensure that you can quickly recover from any loss. When combined with systems that facilitate a mobile workforce, you can have complete business continuity even if you lose access to your premises.

6: You’re Using Too Many Systems to Complete Simple Tasks

Inefficiency in your organization will cost you time and money. Legacy systems and fragmented operating processes can mean that simple tasks take ten steps instead of one. With modern software solutions it’s possible to consolidate your core business tasks, allowing you to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and focus on serving your clients while growing your business.

IT consulting and a managed IT service is an investment into the future of your business. If you can spot these signs or similar warnings in your business, then it’s time to be realistic and take a step towards positive change.

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