Production Print Systems

Powerful and versatile production print systems that are ideal for commercial and in-house print centers that need one system to do it all

Who uses a Production-printing System?

Does your business complete high-volume printing projects involving books and manuals?

It’s unlikely that a typical office printer is capable of taking on these more challenging printing projects. However, there are full-production print systems for sale that can handle these tasks with ease. If your business is located in any of the following areas, Stratix Systems can provide high-quality production-printing equipment that can meet your needs:

Stratix Systems Production Print Systems Books

Central reprographic departments and print providers rely on these specialized digital imaging systems to deliver the speed, flexibility and failsafe reliability needed to maximize productivity within production-grade environments.

These ultra-powerful and versatile machines combine high-speed color print production with an extensive range of professional integrated finishing facilities. With their amazing imaging capabilities, consistent output quality and enhanced media handling, these color production-class systems deliver incredible value for the most challenging and unique print jobs.


Stratix Systems can provide a tailored Ricoh production-printing system developed for the documents/publications your company produces on a regular basis. Ricoh office equipment features a long history of innovation that helps businesses of all types operate with greater speed and efficiency. Key features and benefits of our production printers for sale include:


Expect reliable operation during peak production, plus outstanding long-term reliability.


Use a wider range of stocks, from thin (40 g/m2) to thick (300 g/m2).


Expect faster performance from the enhanced memory architecture.


Speeds up to 135 pages-per-minute with extremely accurate registration.


A multi-folding Unit that offers patterns, including Z-Fold, Half-Fold, Letter Fold-in, Letter Fold-out, Double Parallel Fold, and Gate-Fold.


Brilliant, high image print resolutions 1200 dpi.

Why buy a production printers from Stratix Systems?

When you buy production printers from Stratix Systems, you get a company with extensive experience in providing the best business-class printing and imaging systems to SMBs in Reading, Lancaster and beyond.

At Stratix Systems, we view technology as an important business tool that increases production speeds and operates with greater efficiency.

Unlike many of our competitors, we take the time to gain an understanding of our clients’ goals and objectives. This allows us to recommend the right business technology solution at the best price.

Our services aren’t just limited to copying and printing systems. As a full-service business technology solutions provider, we can also offer a wide range of IT and Managed Services, as well as reliable electronic content and document-management solutions.

Contact us for a free Production-printing demo

If you’d like to see a production-printing system in action, contact Stratix Systems to schedule a free product demo. We’ll also be happy to provide a no-obligation quote for any of our production printers for sale.

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