Mobile & Wireless Printing

Allow your mobile users, visitors, and on-site personnel to seamless print documents directly from their smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and laptops

It used to be that the task of printing documents was relegated to office environments equipped with big, bulky printers. However, with the advent of the Internet and mobile technology, printing is an “anytime, anywhere” process that can now take place on portable devices.

Today, companies have people working from virtually everywhere. Yet, with the rise of the mobile worker, people still need to print conveniently—from whatever device they’re using. That’s where Stratix Systems can help with powerful applications that are versatile, compatible, and secure. We can provide the ideal mobile/ wireless printing solution for your company.



Stratix Systems offers a wide range of versatile mobile printing solutions that can accommodate remote workers, salespeople, delivery drivers, executives and anyone else who spends time out of the office or on the road. We can help you choose the right mobile printing solution for the way you, and your people, work.



Whether you print from a computer or any mobile device, we can provide a compatible wireless printing solution for your product. Our mobile printing solutions work with any OS (PC/ Mac), as well as any smartphone or tablet. They also support virtually any make / model of printing system. Rely on our expertise to assist you in selecting a compatible mobile printing solution.



Compromised security is perhaps the biggest downside to mobile printing, especially if you are printing in a public place. Our wireless printing solutions feature multiple security layers to safeguard print jobs from start to finish, including user authentication, release codes and SSL. You can print with total peace of mind, no matter where you are.

We make wireless printing easy

Our solutions for mobile and wireless printing make it easy for your mobile users, building visitors, and on-site staff to print from any Wi-Fi or Internet-enabled device. And, being offer in a variety of ways—using a cloud-based option or installed on your network— documents can be printed without the need for a device-specific driver or special software.

Stratix Systems Mobile and Wireless Printing

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Discover the many ways in which wireless printing solutions from Stratix Systems can meet the mobile and remote printing needs of you and your customers Contact us today for additional information and to receive a no-obligation price quote!

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