Print Security

Security options designed to protect printed documents and electronic data against accidental or malicious threats

Stratix Systems Print Password Protection

Security isn’t just for PCs and networks—your multi-function systems (MFPs) and printers store sensitive data, too.

Stratix Systems has been aware of the security issues surrounding printing systems for many years, and is committed to the privacy of client data. We can help your organization implement security features and products that protect electronic and hardcopy documents from threats, without hindering productivity.

Security Solutions for Multifunction Printers (MFP)

Risk level Low/Medium

  • User Codes
  • Individual / Group Permissions
  • LDAP Authentication
  • Locked Print
  • RAM-based Security
  • SmartDeviceMonitor
  • HDD and Data Encryption
  • Data Overwrite Security System (DOSS)
  • PDF Password Encryption
  • Web Image Monitor
  • Web SmartDeviceMonitor

Risk level Medium/High

  • All Risk Level 1-2 Solutions, Plus:
  • Removable Hard Drive
  • Network Port Security
  • 128-bit Encryption over SSL /HTTPS
  • NT Authentication
  • Print Copy and Control
  • IPv6
  • Kerberos
  • Enhanced Locked Print
  • Print Copy Scan (PCS) Director
  • Card Authentication Package
Stratix Systems Digital Duplicators

Stratix can help you find a secure, cost-efficient solution

Stratix Systems can help guide you to a multi-layered, cost-efficient solution that will best secure your digital office systems (networked or non-networked), guard against vulnerabilities, and enable you to meet compliance initiatives without interfering with printing functionality.

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