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Convenient, super-secure network access for your team in an ever-changing world.

Always connected to an always-on world. Wherever your people are.

Remote Access allows organizations to extend and leverage their work across geographies that can be, literally, worldwide. And that’s a great advantage in a nimble, always-on world. It’s also a great advantage in being able to deploy and connect the best people, wherever they may be – or in uniting a distributed workforce – because people can work and connect with your corporate network and systems from anywhere as if they were sitting right down the hall.

And the shortest distance in connecting your people is always Stratix Systems.

Put Remote Access through VPN to work for you

Virtual Private Networking (VPN) is usually the preferred method for Remote Access. VPN seamlessly bridges a connection between your people and your network, wherever your employees may be working.

VPNs can also be made very secure through tunneling protocols for a secure connection, along with sophisticated encryption. As a result, your data and your business remain safe, while your productivity soars.

Collaboration Tools so you can effectively communicate

Tools like Microsoft Teams can help with remote communication, including audio, video and web conference with a large group or one-on-one. Teams provides scheduling assistance, note taking, screen sharing, meeting recording and even instant messaging. Because people can access the meeting with a PC, phone, or tablet, collaboration is seamless and convenient – driving better engagement with employees, clients, prospects and vendors.


A paperless office allows increased efficiency when people are working remotely

The paperless office enhances client relationships and engages employees because information is only seconds away and completely searchable. Your team can deliver the speed and quality of response and support that your clients expect from you. We can help you implement automated workflow that makes content accessible at the touch of a button, whenever and wherever you need it.

How to go “paperless” in 90 days

Paper is a serious drag on both efficiency and productivity. You see it and feel it every day. But creating a paperless office eludes many of us. What is the best way to move toward a paperless environment without losing information? And how can you do it quickly?


We are experts at “going paperless. We’ll work with your team to dig into your processes with careful, thoughtful process mapping – identifying key steps, bottlenecks and frustrations by soliciting input and insight directly from your team. Then, we will recommend options, develop a Paperless Strategy that is uniquely yours. All in 90 days. And of course, we’ll then design and deploy the solution you choose.

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Going Paperless in 90 Days

Ask the experts: Stratix Systems can help

The Stratix Systems team of remote access network specialists can help you answer your questions about Remote Access and VPNs because we’ve been providing expert technology solutions for 50 years.

We can deploy best in class options because we have the experience, the people and the partnerships that can provide the most productive and cost-efficient solutions – options that can help take your business to the next level.

Most important, Stratix Systems can help you evaluate your needs and explore your options. The result: super-secure network access for your people in a changing world – wherever your people may be working.

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