Network Solutions

Connect anyone, anywhere — securely, reliable and seamlessly

Implementing a new network, or making changes to an existing one, requires a significant amount of planning, coordination and technical expertise.

Stratix Systems can plan, design and install the “points and paths” that connect your people, locations, devices and data. We’ll provide everything necessary to ensure you receive a stable, reliable and secure network that is the foundation of any good IT environment, while lessening the hassle associated with complex installations

You can trust us with your wired and/or wireless network and components, including:

  • Local and/or Wide Area Networks (LAN / WAN)
  • Firewalls and Security
  • Routers and Switches
  • Voice (VoIP) and Data Integration
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and
  • Remote Access
  • Cloud Connectivity

There’s a lot of demand placed on today’s networks — connectivity, bandwidth, speed, and data security are all equally important.

Stratix Systems can provide a network solution that delivers the performance, reliability,security and balance your business deserves.

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