Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes, Stratix is there to get you back up and running

All businesses are at risk for a disaster, but may not have the time or budget for a Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solution that takes weeks to install, costs thousands of dollars, and forces them to hire someone to oversee it all.

Stratix Proactive: BDR saves your business time and money with simple, secure and affordable backup solutions for company data, financial records, administrative materials and so much more. We provide comprehensive IT disaster recovery plans for businesses in Lancaster, Lebanon, Reading, PA and beyond – including Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, and Somerset, New Jersey.



Automatic and/or on-demand backups protects business-critical data regularly and reliably—no matter where the data may reside. Every change you’ve made to the data will also be available, allowing you to restore/recover saved data at any point from the past.



Full and incremental backups provide granular restoration points for point-in-time recoveries and reduced file-size transfer for quicker and safer off-site replication. With disk imaging as part of your IT disaster recovery service, you never have to worry about losing key data stored on CDs, DVDs and similar devices.



Off-site replication is a disaster recovery method by which we transfer backup images from an LAN to a remote location. Replication technology ensures that backups are automatically migrated to two secure off-site facilities, geographically distant from each other.



Fast, efficient recoveries allow businesses to quickly recover data following a major disaster event—whether it’s a complete restore or granular recoveries. This ensures you experience minimal disruption to your normal operating processes.



Stratix Systems can provide an IT Business Disaster Recovery solution that supports singularor blended-platform environments, including the latest Windows, Apple / Mac, and Linux operating systems.



This user-friendly IT disaster recovery solution integrates seamlessly into existing IT environments, allowing for simple management and monitoring from a single, easy-to-use Web-based interface and simple configuration.

Stratix Proactive: BDR gives you total peace of mind

Stratix Proactive: BDR makes it possible to backup and restore any data or system. Anytime. Anywhere. That way, when (not if) disaster strikes, you’ll have the availability and recoverability to get your business up and running with minimal distruption. And that gives you something that any business owner can appreciate: peace of mind.

Stratix Systems Disaster Recovery Services

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If you operate an SMB in PA or NJ, you owe it to yourself and your business to discover what Stratix Proactive: BDR can do for your company in the event of a disaster. Contact us today for more information or a no-obligation price quote.

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