Proactive: Automatic Copier Meter Reading and Toner Replacement

Proactive: Office Equipment Monitoring

Let Stratix Systems manage your office equipment, so you don’t have to.

What if your organization’s MFPs and printers could automatically report their copier meter reading and instantly order their own toner replacement when needed?

Proactive: Office Equipment Monitoring is a free service that offers automatic copier meter reading and toner replacement—alleviating the burden of manual processes associated with managing your MFP copiers and desktop printing equipment.

    • Automatic Copier Meter Reading
    • Assisted Toner Replacement
    • Reduced Administrative Time
    • No Investment Needed
    • Simple, Small, and Secure
    • Regulatory Compliant

⨂ We never share your information.

Why Choose Stratix Systems?

Since its founding in 1970, Stratix Systems has provided businesses with equipment and services tailored to meet their needs. Over time, Stratix Systems has continued to evolve its offerings to ensure that our clients operate at peak productivity in an ever-evolving business climate. Today, Stratix Systems services include managed IT, process automation, and leading printing technologies.

Stratix Systems workflow automation

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