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Digital Transformation is Changing Everything

Video calls have replaced on-site meetings, groceries are ordered via an app, and almost any food can be delivered within minutes. It’s all digital. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digitization of both our workplace and society.

Digitization is shaping the way we work, and it’s changing our lives in the 21st century. It is disrupting traditional models yet opens new customer experiences and revolutionizes how we do business.

All industries are realizing the opportunities available with digital transformation.  Perhaps the road to recovery from COVID-19 will be digital.

But it’s not always obvious how to start.  Working towards complete digitization will help your business to stay competitive, even in tough times.

All industries are realizing the opportunities available with digital transformation. But it’s not always obvious how to start.

This is where DocuWare can help.

It starts with document management and workflow automation

How does the reality in most offices look today?

Employees are overloaded with tasks. There’s too much paper. Security, data privacy and compliance are permanently at stake. Information for decision-making is not quickly or easily accessible. Customer service suffers. Innovation is impeded.
To keep pace with the modern world, teams require truly streamlined processes. Document management and workflow automation are simple, visible, meaningful steps for launching your organization — whether a small department or an entire enterprise — into digital transformation.
Scalable cloud technology, always-available information and digital workflow are all part of the plan that productive companies follow to maximize revenue growth, build the skills of their employees and ensure a future-ready business.

Farewell to paper

Your first step as a digital organization

Paper slows work down, is easily lost, and can add up to a big expense. Have you ever calculated how much time and money is spent on copies, printing, filing cabinets … not to mention unproductive searches? Modern organizations eliminate physical archives and paper-based processes to save cost and time — and to protect valuable corporate knowledge. Digital document management maintains your data in a structured and secure way. When digitized information is served up quickly and accurately, you and your team can work with peak efficiency.

Automated processes

Time better spent benefits everyone

Tedious and routine tasks such as data entry and comparison, information sharing, and correcting mistakes consume valuable resources that could be better utilized by your sales, accounting and HR teams. There is enormous potential in automating tasks. Processes like invoice processing, employee onboarding and contract management have numerous steps and decision points that can be digitized and automated. Employees focus on decision making, not moving paper. Free up your employees from frustrating and time-wasting manual work — and make way for them to use their talents, expertise and customer service skills instead.

Mobile employees

Information beyond the office walls

Whether in a home office or in an airport: the modern workplace is mobile. Work now happens outside the walls of a traditional office. Agile, digital businesses thrive with a flexible, mobile workforce and embrace the anytime, anywhere, any-device model of productivity. Starting, advancing and completing workflows right from a mobile device keeps information flow smooth. Accessing key sales, marketing or financial information right when it’s needed ensures confidence with customers, partners and prospects.

Strategic compliance

Meeting regulations is just the start

From the correct handling of tax-relevant documents to the protection of sensitive personnel documents, compliance requirements pose significant challenges for management and employees. Regulations like HIPAA, GDPR, Sarbanes-Oxley as well as internal policies should not slow you down. In fact, strategic information management that comes from meeting these laws strengthens your competitiveness. Use them to your advantage. Shore up security, transparency and data protection so that everyone benefits — your team, your organization and your customers.

The flexibility of the cloud

Your key to digital transformation

For decades, enterprise IT was delivered through cumbersome on-premises systems. It was costly and time-consuming to install software, manage system updates and safely archive data. Cloud-delivered software changes the game completely. Business leaders have an entirely new means of accessing sophisticated, afford- able solutions. It has never been easier to equip employees with highly usable tools, integrate systems and scale storage as your business grows.

With DocuWare, you can:

Capture and organize information

Keep documents secure and findable

Bring together scanned documents, files created in any program, emails and their attachments, data captured online, and documents captured via mobile devices. Archive it all in a secure and searchable digital repository. Any business document is welcome: invoices and delivery notes, applicant resumes and payroll stubs, or project-related plans and log reports. Automated indexing identifies key information for ultra-efficient organization and retrieval, enabling your team to find information, use it, and keep it securely archived.

Manage workflow and automate manual steps

Keep processes running smoothly

Simplify and accelerate document-related tasks with the help of automated workflow. Determine processing steps, easily adapt them to changing requirements, and react immediately to exceptions. Incoming documents or a change in status immediately trigger process steps, and these events link together into fast, digital workflows. Transparency allows management to monitor progress. For example, a newly captured invoice is instantly routed for approval, the approved invoice is then booked and prepared for payment. An automatic data comparison with the ERP completes the indexing. No manual data entry, no searching, no waiting.

Retrieve information and make smarter decisions

Use your information as it was intended

Empower your team to make faster, more informed decisions. With DocuWare, all information about a customer, a project or a business process is seconds away. Access your information instantly from any browser or mobile device; link your content to records inside your ERP, CRM or HCM to provide additional business context; share documents inside a web portal or directly with colleagues. Decisions happen across a range of contexts, and DocuWare ensures your information is right there.

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