Cybersecurity Predictions For 2021

Cybersecurity Predictions For 2021

Is cybersecurity on your mind? 2020 has made cybersecurity a high priority for most organizations. In the past year alone, cyber-attacks have become nearly as troublesome — and as difficult to stop — as the COVID-19 virus itself.

A recent survey found that 96% of IT and operations executives have shifted their cybersecurity strategy due to COVID-19 – and a remote workforce – and 40% of executives say they are accelerating digitization. That’s not surprising. After all, the following Forbes magazine predictions provide insight into how cybersecurity is evolving:

  • Global cybercrime costs are projected to grow by 15% per year over the next five years, reaching $10.5 trillion annually by 2025, up from just $3 trillion in 2015.
  • Mobile device security will be the fastest-growing cyber-security category of all, attaining a 17% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2019 and 2025, reaching $13 billion, according to the analytics firm Analysys Mason.
  • It is predicted that Intellectual Property will be hackers’ next golden ticket.
  • Next-generation Identity and Access Management, messaging security and network security are the three hot spots of enterprise cybersecurity investment in 2021, and Passwordless Authentication, Cloud Workload Protection Platform and Cloud Security Posture Management are predicted to be among the most influential technologies in cybersecurity.
  • Advances in AI and machine learning will someday allow devices to self-heal and self-secure by as much as 80%, allowing IT to set policies and know their devices and data are secure, predicts Alan Braithwaite, Senior Director, Product Management at Ivanti.
  • The exponential increase in cybercrime, including breaches, phishing, privilege access credential abuse and endpoint security attacks, contributes to a projected 12% CAGR in cybersecurity IT spending heading into 2021.
  • 55% of enterprise executives plan to increase their cybersecurity budgets in 2021 and 51% are adding cyber staff in 2021.

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