Security on the Road

Security on the Road
For many people in the future, going to work may mean going to their living room, working in a hotel or working remotely from a temporary space. According to most reports, employees love that freedom and convenience, and productivity actually improves; however, employees (and their managers) need to better understand the information risk they encounter with this expansion in the meaning of “the workplace”.

Like any advancement in the workplace, strategy and policies are important in order to keep your organization protected and productive. According to a recent study of over 1,000 IT and business professionals, about 69 percent of those accessed files from their smartphones, 66 percent worked from home, and 52 percent used some sort of public file sharing service. Great for productivity and responsiveness; but it means that more and more of your organization’s information is at greater risk of being stolen or compromised — unless the proper security and IT support are in order.

For example, proactive IT maneuvers like dual-factor authentication and mobile device management are typical and practically necessary strategies that should in place by your organization. Additionally, defensive maneuvers like training employees on proper security policy and making sure that they know the difference between safe and unsafe situations, is also critical. And of course, employees need training and support regarding what kinds of networks are safe, how to reach the company network, and how to access and exchange their files, etc. And the organization itself needs to have both a Mobile Device Management (MDM) strategy in place as well as safeguards for the network, servers, imaging devices within and without the organization itself. Investing time and energy into this kind of proactive defense is not only “Best Practice;” it can also strengthen your business and your employees as a whole, enabling employees and the organization to leverage the advantages of mobile business.

Working from anywhere:
No matter where a worker begins or ends their work day, being able to access and utilize organizational and/or work information from the local coffee shop, hotel room, airport or any offsite, public facility is important. For example, connecting to their information and exchanging with coworkers, customers or suppliers will usually require that the employee utilize a non-workplace network or server (like “free WIFI” or a WIFI Hotspot provided by a public facility). And because many “WiFi Hotspots” require a password to access the server, it only creates the illusion of safety; but does not mean the connection is safe.

For example, in a hotel, a password is typically given out at the front desk for anyone in the hotel to use. Since anyone can access that network, using the password given to them, the service is not secure, and because of that, anyone using the same connection could be able to easily gain access to your information over the network.

Working from home:
Another place that employees will typically work if they are not working offsite is at home. While there is less of a risk than using publicly accessible WiFi Networks or misplacing technology, there are still risks. Intellectual property and personal identifiable information or other sensitive data can still be obtained or deleted by a hacker or inadvertently accessed or shared with friends or family.

In either case, the importance of having the right tools in place to be able to handle organizational or sensitive information safely is paramount.
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