How to Set up a Network Printer

One of the considerations when you buy a printer for your Allentown, Lancaster or Reading, PA business is how to add it to your network. Purchasing printers for your PA or NJ business is relatively easy, but the process does require following specific instructions to ensure a successful installation.

What follows are some general instructions on how to add a wireless printer, as many companies now choose to buy a printer offering the flexibility of Wi-Fi connectivity, assuming the office is Wi-Fi enabled. Please note that the actual set-up steps will vary based on the specific printer make and model.

Getting Ready

A little preparation can make the set-up process go much more smoothly. Begin by obtaining the name of your wireless network, which is known as the SSID, as well as your network’s password. You should then place your printer close to your wireless router. It’s also a good idea to place the printer near a PC, as you may need to connect to it with a USB cable to complete any required printer software installation.

Automated Installation

Printer models equipped with LCD control panels automate much of the installation process, which makes your job easier. These printers can automatically detect any wireless networks in range. From there’s, it just a matter of selecting your SSID and entering the password, and your printer is configured.

Manual Installation

If your printer does not have its own LCD control panel, you’ll need to perform a manual installation consisting of several steps:

  • Setting the IP address
  • Adjusting the firewall security settings if necessary so that the printer and router can communicate
  • Verifying the wireless security protocol

Setting up a Wireless Printer Without Software

In many cases, it’s entirely possible to set up and configure a wireless printer without the installation CD. However, your printer’s make and model must be present on your wireless network. If this is the case, your operating system’s software should be able to locate it and install the required drivers. If not, you can still add the printer as a local device. To do so, you’ll have to know the printer’s device name or unique IP address.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you’ve completed the entire printer set-up process, and the device is not working properly, there are a number of steps you can take to rectify the issue:

  • Shut down and restart everything: An old IT saying goes, “When in doubt, reboot.” Try shutting everything down, including the wireless router. Wait 30 seconds and restart everything.
  • Verify wireless connectivity: Be sure that the printer is properly connected to the wireless network.
  • Re-check your firewall settings: As mentioned, if your firewall security settings are too high, it will disrupt communication between the printer and the wireless router.

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