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Are you ready to buy a commercial copier for your business? Are you located in one of the following areas?

  • Lancaster
  • Reading
  • Lebanon
  • Lehigh Valley, including Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton
  • NJ, including Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, and Somerset

And does it seem that the more copiers you explore, the more confusing the process becomes?

The decision to buy a commercial copier is an important one. With so many options available these days, making the best choice for your company isn’t easy. Taking the following list of factors into consideration can help you make a smart decision for your business.

Copy Volume

High-end copiers can generally handle a larger volume of copies than their inexpensive counterparts, so be sure to choose a copier that meets your business demands. Are you only copying a few pages a day, or is your copier in constant motion throughout the day? A good way to determine your copy volume is to check to see if your current copier includes a meter that provides a weekly copy count.

Copy Speed

Copy speeds can range from very slow to lightning-fast. If you regularly copy voluminous multi-page documents, the last thing you need is a machine that copies at an extremely low rate. On the other hand, if you only copy one or two-page documents, you’re probably not too concerned with copy speed. You can gauge the speed of a commercial copier for sale by the page-per-minute (ppm) rate, which can be found in the product specifications.

Paper-handling Capabilities

You can buy commercial copiers with a wide range of paper-handling capabilities. Be sure to select one that meets your business requirements. For instance, a basic copier may not be able to handle larger documents or paper sizes. Also, consider whether you need two-sided, collated or stapling capabilities, or if you want the ability to make color copies instead of just black-and-white.

Additional Functions

Do you need a copier to only make copies, or would you like it to do more? Many small-business owners are turning to all-in-one multi-function systems that can copy, print, scan, fax and perform document-serving functions. Benefits of these types of commercial copiers for sale include eliminating the need to purchase multiple office machines and saving precious floor space.

Business Size

A larger business with multiple departments has different commercial requirements than a one- or two-person operation. These include a higher copy volume, the need for a wider assortment of features and robust page-handling capabilities to name a few.

Budget Considerations

Of course, cost is always a primary factor when purchasing any type of office equipment. Many companies choose to lease instead of buy a commercial copier. Leasing eliminates the need to tie up large amounts of business capital and offers the advantage of relatively low monthly payments. Buying a basic, inexpensive commercial copier can make sense for a smaller company with less stringent copying requirements.

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