Myth vs. Fact: Team-Building

It’s really not complicated: teaming with Stratix Systems for Managed IT Services can deliver improved results—plus cost savings that are truly significant. Still, myths persist about Managed IT Services. And many of those myths are at direct odds with the very reasons why the most successful organizations choose Managed IT Services.

We’re going to explode one of those myths right now.

Myth: We won’t be able to build up a good relationship with an external engineer.

A major concern is the ability for an external consultant to ramp up and understand a client’s business, systems, processes, people, etc. so that they can provide seamless service and appropriate capabilities.


  1. Most smaller organizations (less than 100 users) simply cannot afford to hire, train and maintain a quality IT Department.
  2. At best, they have in place a low-cost “jack of all trades” IT employee who is most often undertrained, overwhelmed and overworked.
  3. It is very expensive to hire, train and retain a skilled IT workforce. Recruiting IT professionals is becoming more and more difficult in every sector and an organization’s ability to pay competitive salaries and compete with other companies for skilled individuals is growing more difficult all the time.
  4. A recent study reports that 93% of businesses face a skills gap. There is a growing shortfall between the supply of qualified IT professionals and the demand for modern IT skills, and as technology evolution accelerates, finding employees with modern skills becomes even more challenging.

Experience is a great comforter. Our relationships with over 3,000 Stratix Systems clients are strong, with a 97% year-to-year retention rate. Our services were designed exactly with organizations like yours in mind. Because we specialize in IT, we can offer a level of capability and expertise beyond what most companies can afford to maintain internally.

Additionally, Stratix Systems works as an extension of your team: providing current, appropriate infrastructure, systems and support that, at minimum, fills in the gaps of a client’s IT capability, taking the load off an overworked IT employee or department—with our efforts focused on the technology and infrastructure at a level that is just not practical to maintain internally.

Think you’re too small? Think again. According to a recent Computer Economics study, organizations with fewer than 300 employees stand to benefit the most from managed IT services and outsourcing their IT support.

The bottom line: If growing your business, while controlling costs, is on your mind, it’s time to talk with Stratix Systems.

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