Lack of cybersecurity talent is becoming threatening to organizations.

Lack of cybersecurity talent is becoming threatening to organizations.
Are you frustrated by the difficulty in attracting and retaining qualified IT Security talent? And have you noticed that the IT Security employees you can find are becoming very expensive? You’re not alone.

According to Becker’s Health IT and CIO Review, nearly every industry is in need of cybersecurity and IT talent, and the tech talent shortage is becoming more pressing. Currently, 82 percent of global industries face a shortage of cybersecurity skills, according to a study by Intel Security called “Hacking the Skills Shortage.”
The survey gathered responses from IT experts and decision makers in public and private sector organizations from eight countries: Australia, France, Germany, Israel, Japan, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Not only did respondents indicate a shortage of talent, but 71 percent said this lack in skills leads to direct and measurable damage, such as making their organizations larger targets for cyber attacks and tarnishing the organization’s reputation.

Even within the general IT workforce, organizations are placing a premium on cybersecurity skills. More than half (53 percent) of respondents said the cybersecurity professional shortage is somewhat or far greater than the shortage in the general IT workforce. As a result, U.S. respondents indicated approximately 16.5 percent of cybersecurity jobs in their industries will go unfilled by 2020.

In addition, the cost of these professionals is going up: way up! The median cybersecurity salary countries reported is at least 2.7 times the average wage.
For many organizations, Managed IT Services is the best idea. And Stratix Systems is the solution.

Why? It’s simple.
IT Services and Security is an area where our economies of scale (in terms of people, systems, etc.) have great advantage. Stratix Systems engineers are constantly looking for alerts against whatever a business needs to watch out for, whether it’s general problems that any business wants to avoid (like unauthorized access) or specific issues for compliance (like HIPAA)— through 24×7 monitoring, maintenance, multiple geographically dispersed data centers and expert consultation
Further, with Managed IT Services from Stratix Systems, a client doesn’t have to be a security expert or even employ one. Stratix Systems engineers are experts at mitigating risk. Stratix Systems engineers are also experts at security, business continuity and disaster recovery.

Because we specialize in IT, we can offer a level of security and expertise beyond what most small businesses can provide. We utilize technology like offsite data centers and data encryption, so we’re equipped to handle privacy and contingency requirements.
Additionally, with Stratix Systems, client data is stored in a much more secure environment than the client organization would be able to provide on its own—that our solutions are SAS 70 certified, HIPAA compliant, and data is encrypted before it leaves the client’s premise and in transit—the same standards utilized by the banking industry.

Think you’re too small? Think again. According to a recent Computer Economics study, organizations with fewer than 300 employees stand to benefit the most from managed IT services and outsourcing their IT support.

The bottom line: If growing your business, while controlling costs, is on your mind, it’s time to talk with Stratix Systems.

About Stratix Systems
With offices in Reading, Lehigh Valley, Philadelphia and Central and Northern New Jersey, Stratix Systems is one of the region’s leading technology solutions partners —with the people, resources and experience to deliver the IT, content/document management and imaging support you need: where, when and how you need it. In fact, very few providers in the region can match the vast array of total business solutions and responsive service available from Stratix Systems. It’s no wonder why we are the partner-of-choice for over 4,500 organizations throughout Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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