vCIO / CTO Services

Outsourced IT leadership that delivers executive-level guidance and expertise for businesses that need an expert to drive technology strategy without the significant costs.

Having the right people is just as important as having the right technology.

Stratix Systems’ Virtual Chief Information / Technology Officer (vCIO / CTO) services fulfill a role many business and organizations may lack. We work together with your team as a trusted advisor—supplementing your business insight with our technology expertise—to develop processes, budgets, and strategic plans to further business goals.

Our vCIO / CTO is capable of leading any or all of the following tasks as needed, to support your business.


Comprehensive review and analysis of current technical resources, performance, and operational processes.

Elements of A-&-A:

•  Analysis of IT Operations

•  Current View with Benchmarks

•  Policy and Procedures

•  Vendor Management

•  Risk and Compliance

•  Feasibility Assessment

•  Initiative Prioritization


Recommendations and cost-forecasting to control technology-related spending and achieve greater ROI.

Elements of P-&-B:

•  Investments vs. Expenditures

•  IT Budgeting

•  Staff Planning

•  Outsourcing Analysis

•  Configurations

•  ROI Analysis

•  New Technology Evaluations


Execute on plans, put technology to work, and continually review business results and determine future actions.

Elements of I-&-I:

•  Customized IT Roadmaps

•  Goal-Solution Alignment

•  Backup and Disaster Recovery

•  Improvement Metrics and Goals

•  Process Improvements

•  Vendor Performance Analysis

•  Priority Development

Whatever your goals, successful technology investments begin with an understanding of the business objectives you want to achieve. Our vCIO / vCTO services can help determine what is best for your organization. Get the benefit of having someone that can bring years of experience—operating in diverse technology environments—to your business without having to pay for a full-time senior IT executive.

Why Choose Stratix Systems?

Since its founding in 1970, Stratix Systems has provided businesses with equipment and services tailored to meet their needs. Over time, Stratix Systems has continued to evolve its offerings to ensure that our clients operate at peak productivity in an ever-evolving business climate. Today, Stratix Systems services include managed IT, process automation, and leading printing technologies.

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