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We provide responsive, professional, and complete IT departmental services, when and where you need us.

In today’s highly demanding and constantly changing IT environment, even companies with fully staffed IT departments can have difficulty keeping up with the workload. For smaller businesses, adding a dedicated IT staff is usually not a viable option.

In either of these scenarios, having access to fully managed IT services can provide a reliable and cost-effective solution. Stratix Systems is your source for the best managed IT support services for businesses in Reading, Lebanon, the Lehigh Valley, Lancaster, PA and beyond – even Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth and Somerset, New Jersey.

Wide Range of Flexible Managed IT Services Available

Whether you’re in need of ongoing support for a large network or simply want a reliable IT vendor to call when projects arise or support is needed, Stratix Systems can support your business’ unique requirements in one, or a combination, of two ways:


Complete IT environment management.

Server Administration

Desktop Support

Network Setup

IT Strategy and Budgeting

And More…

Essentially, Stratix Systems will become your dedicated IT department.


Augment your IT department as-needed.

Network Monitoring

2nd Level Support

Specific Project Assistance

Short- / Long-term Support

And More…

Our certified engineers can help fill in the gaps in your IT department.

Benefits of Hosted IT Services

Managed IT support services can offer a number of important benefits for any PA or NJ business including:

  • Reliable risk management: An experienced IT support provider can mitigate much of the risk that is inherent in the IT function. Specifically, a managed IT services company can alleviate security and compliance concerns.
  • Access to expertise: Having continuous access to IT expertise is especially beneficial for a company that has no IT staff in place.
  • Data backup: Hosted IT services feature robust data backup features. You don’t have to worry about losing vital business data should disaster strike, which ensures the continuity of your business.
  • Reduced costs: Managing an IT infrastructure can be a time-consuming and expensive undertaking for any business. IT managed services can handle the entire process for you, typically in a more cost-effective manner. This also allows you and your IT team to focus on more important business initiatives.

Why Choose Fully Managed IT Services From Stratix Systems?

With on-demand IT services from Stratix Systems, Inc. you get:

  • Capability: a complete IT department at your disposal—experienced support whenever you need it.
  • Affordability: budget for specific projects or contract time—as you need it at a hourly rate for IT support services.
  • Flexibility: we’ll adapt to your needs and schedule—whether it’s for contract support time or a one-off project.

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Discover the many ways in which the broad assortment of fully managed IT services from Stratix Systems can enhance the performance of your company’s IT function. Contact us for more information or to schedule a no-obligation managed IT services consultation today!

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