Is Your Older Wide Format Printer Wasting Money?

Efficient printing solutions are mission-critical in most industries. Technology can help your company to work smarter when delivering projects, allowing you to grow over time. However, technology can also work against you, particularly if you are using outdated equipment that is no longer fit for purpose.

In construction, architecture, and engineering, printing is relied upon daily to produce drafts, work orders, project updates, and a plethora of other documents. A reliable and cost-effective printer is necessary.

Here’s how to tell if your old wide format printer is no longer up to the job.

Your Printer Isn’t Fast Enough

Your printer may have been on the bleeding edge of technology when you purchased it. Today, it will be outclassed and outperformed by modern alternatives.
Printing speed is essential if you regularly print documents, CAD designs, and drafts etc. If you print at the speeds of five years ago, you will be losing time and productivity. Ultimately, this can impact your financial bottom line.

It’s Constantly Breaking Down

Manufacturers have significantly increased the reliability of their wide format printers in recent years, but every model will fail eventually. When your printer goes down your business can crawl to a halt. The more often it happens, the higher your potential losses will be.

You can avoid expensive tech callouts and frequent downtime by upgrading to a more reliable modern wide format printer.

Consumables Are Becoming Rarer or More Expensive

High quality wide format printers will perform at their best in the first three to five years. Parts and consumables will usually be broadly available for up to eight years. Anything beyond that point, and you will likely be looking at higher costs just to meet your daily printing needs. Consumables like ink and print heads can become particularly hard to find near the end of a product’s life cycle. Some distributors will even raise the prices of older stock as supply becomes limited.

Solve Your Problems with a New Wide Format Printer

A new wide format printer will come with benefits like lower operating costs, support from the manufacturer, and widespread availability of parts and consumables. You’ll also gain practical benefits like faster printing, better image quality, and increased energy efficiency.

If you can relate to any of the problems above, it’s time to invest in a new wide format printer.

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