Colonial Pipeline Attack: Another Cybersecurity Wake Up Call

Recently, the topic of cybersecurity came to the forefront of the country in the wake of the Colonial Pipeline Attack. The pipeline was hit with a ransomware attack, which led to gasoline shortages throughout the east coast, and especially in the South. As a result, we were all quickly able to see firsthand just how much damage a breach like this could do, as many towns struggled to obtain a basic necessity in our world today.

While this is certainly the most notable attack in recent memory, it is not out of the ordinary. Businesses across the country have been compromised, and cybersecurity solutions are becoming more and more critical for every organization. In fact, an estimated $20 billion in ransomware recovery costs is expected by the end of 2021. Most of these attacks are targeted toward small business (between 50-75%), and the industries affected include law, manufacturing, and healthcare; however, even the most unlikely organizations can face the same fate as the Colonial Pipeline.

As these security compromises continue to become more common, the government has begun to put these issues in a place of higher priority. The Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is now urging businesses, no matter the size, to check and secure their cyber defenses. Moreover, current administration has started to issue executive orders, which is intended to increase resilience to these attacks and assure that the attackers themselves are met with more severe punishment.

Now more than ever, it is imperative to put your cybersecurity needs at the top of the to-do list, and this includes choosing the right company to assist you in protecting your business from similar attacks.

Of course, there is no silver bullet to protect yourself. The key is having someone, skilled in cybersecurity and data protection/recovery, who can help to prevent these issues before they happen. And that’s where Stratix Systems can help.

Here at Stratix Systems, we provide a full arsenal of effective cybersecurity and compliance services that will ease your company from the fear of cybersecurity attacks. This includes multi-layer protection to prevent cyber threats from damaging your network and stealing confidential information. We know that the needs of each individual company can vary, which is why we offer a multitude of tiered options based on the size and security requirements of your organization.

Stratix Systems also emphasizes a strategy and commitment to being proactive rather than reactive. We are continually searching for the newest and most efficient security tools to supply to our clients. An example of this is CrowdStrike’s next-gen antivirus protection system, which actively searches out cybersecurity issues so they can be solved before a problem grows. We also deliver monitoring services that are always watching for different indicators of compromise. Technology like this backs up Stratix Systems’ plan of going the extra mile to address cybersecurity problems before they become debilitating, like the recent Colonial Pipeline Attack.

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