Can you reduce your IT costs by 30%?

Can you reduce your IT costs by 30%?
At a time when every penny counts, many smaller organizations miss an obvious—and significant—cost savings opportunity: IT.

The fact is that the cost savings from IT outsourcing can be dramatic—as much as 30% or more! With a significantly reduced risk from system crashes and hacking. That’s where Stratix Systems can help.

With Stratix Systems on your team, your people don’t have to be IT experts because our people are. You don’t need the robust technologies and systems, because we have them. And because we specialize in IT for smaller organizations, we can offer a level of security and expertise way beyond what most small- and mid-sized organizations can provide for themselves. Cost-effectively. With savings that go right to your bottom line.

Think you’re too small? Think again. According to a recent Computer Economics study, organizations with fewer than 300 employees stand to benefit the most from managed IT services and outsourcing their IT support.

The bottom line: If reducing costs and growing your business cost-effectively are on your mind, it’s time to talk with Stratix Systems.

About Stratix Systems
With offices in Reading, Lehigh Valley, Philadelphia and Central and Northern New Jersey, Stratix Systems is one of the region’s leading technology solutions partners —with the people, resources and experience to deliver the IT, content/document management and imaging support you need: where, when and how you need it. In fact, very few providers in the region can match the vast array of total business solutions and responsive service available from Stratix Systems. It’s no wonder why we are the partner-of-choice for over 4,500 organizations throughout Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Have a question? Get an answer. Our experienced systems experts would be happy to answer your questions, help you explore your options and develop a customized plan for you. Learn more at or call us toll-free 1-800-444-2943.

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