4 Features Your Wide Format Printer Should Have

A wide format printer is an essential tool for architects, construction companies, and engineers. The ability to quickly produce high quality D-sized drawings and technical drawings will keep your business efficient and agile.

There’s a lot to think about when choosing a printer. Cost, ongoing maintenance, compatible media, and performance are all critical. In addition, modern printers also bring innovative features that add value and increase functionality.

Here are all the added extras to look for if you want to get the best return from your printer investment.

Integrated Scanning

When working with technical documents, spec sheets, and D-sized drawings, you’ll sometimes need to scan your existing printed media. Modern wide format printers offer high resolution scanners on-board, allowing you to quickly reproduce or save your copies.

By choosing a printer with a scanner, you’ll save space and time in your office. Some models also offer the ability to email scanned documents.

Data Security

Printing security is essential when dealing with sensitive documents. The newest wide format printers offer features like password protection and Data Overwrite Security System. In some cases, configurable user options are also offered, allowing you to customize the printing tasks and features that specific staff members have access to.

Smaller Footprints

By nature, wide format printers typically have larger footprints than office productivity printers. However, manufacturers have still been able to reduce the sizes of their models in recent years. A modern printer will save space in your office to give you more flexibility in placement.

Invest in More Than Just a printer

With scanning functionality, increased security, and advanced connectivity options, the newest wide format printers are easier to use and more versatile. When buying a printer, don’t compromise on the features that are critical to your business. Choose the right printer and you’ll enjoy a long return on investment with reliable printing on your media of choice.

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